adjusting for allergies

our little neighbour c has just been tested by a naturopath for allergies because he was struggling with eating and skin issues. it turns out that he is allergic to eggs and all dairy. this caused some stress in his mommy’s life because she is an avid baker and cook, and now she was going […]

dating 101

i had to speak with my grade nines about dating as part of their health and career education curriculum. for a few days prior to speaking with them, i thought about what i would have liked to hear as a fifteen year old about dating. despite the fact i would probably be horrified to hear […]

june already?

okay, i must be in a time machine! how did we get to june already? time is going by so quickly! and, if it is already june that means my baby is 18 months old! ahhhhhh! time is going really too quick, but i am loving each new day and each new adventure with baby […]