oh $%&*, we lost quacks!

swinging with quacks

baby bird attached herself to quacks at eight months of age. i did not think that a baby could be that attached to an object, but he has been her go-to for quite some time. he travels with us regularly to the grocery store, library, play dates, you name it. he even accompanied us to hawaii last october.

so, on my first day of vacation, baby bird and i head out for a nice long walk in the gorgeous weather we are having in southern bc. we walked to a new park and played on the swings and slides for a while, and then slowly started on our way home.

on the way home, baby bird wanted to walk a bit, so out of the stroller she came. quacks hung out in the stroller while baby bird strutted her stuff on the sidewalk. we had a little mishap and baby bird tripped, and unfortunately, scrapped her knee up. there was a bit of blood, and a whole lot of tears, and of course mommy forgot to pack a snack! i finally coerced baby bird back into the stroller and we started to jog home, however the dog started to act up (naturally). while i was untangling the dog so she could go to the bathroom, i did not notice baby bird toss quacks overboard in her frustration at the lack of snacks and movement.

twenty five minutes later we arrive at home and i let the dog in the house through the basement so she can grab a drink, and while i am doing that, baby bird ask for quacks. moments later i realize, oh $%&*, we lost quacks.

i quickly grab some snacks and more water and back we go to search for quacks. now, when i left the house at 8:45 am, it was hot out. when i left for the second time at 10 am, it was sweltering. here i am jogging back the same route, which was about an hour long return trip, frantically searching for quacks and trying to feed an upset toddler. her knee is still bloody, she is asking for that fricking duck and i am sweating more than richard simmons on his best day.

sadly, i made it back to park where we were playing and still no quacks! thankfully i grabbed a lot of snacks because i knew at this point it could be a long return trip home.

i am jogging really slow now in the 30 degree weather, and thinking, “if i were a duck, where would i have gone?” i am frantically texting my husband, giving him a play-by-play of my morning thus far, and providing comic relief for him and his partner. he told me they were killing themselves laughing at my text messages at dinner.

about a quarter of the way home i stop in a shady spot to rest, and baby bird is finally quiet. i think she is realizing the severity of the situation at this point. i am thinking to myself, “what the heck am i going to do about quacks?” i know baby bird will be devastated, and i think i will be too, because this little duck has become such a huge part of our lives, and he is her soother when she is struggling to fall asleep, dealing with a new tooth, or just having a rough moment.

i stand up and release the break from my stroller, and turn to see if any cars are coming so we can cross the street, when i spot that fricking duck. some kind-hearted soul has propped quacks on a sign post at the intersection in the hopes that the duck will be reunited with its rightful owner.


i nearly $%&* my pants.

i lunge for that fricking duck and kiss it. then wipe it off as best i could and pass it to baby bird. she is thrilled and keeps repeating, “quacks, quacks, mommy, its quacks!”

“yes kid, i know.” this is what i am thinking in my head, along with a few choice expletive words.

next time quacks is staying at home, or he will be on a leash. needless to say, once baby bird was down for her nap that afternoon i had a shower to clean myself up. and, once baby bird woke up, quacks had one too. yes, i let her sleep with the filthy duck. come on, you try to pry it away from her …


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