a few weeks away turns into well … too long


since i taught summer school this year i decided once it was done that i was going to take a break from all things “work-like” and just spend my quality time with my family. it was worth it because we had a great few weeks together before i had to go back to work again.

i went into school one day before it officially began to move into a new classroom, gather my materials, prep my materials and make sure i have everything ready for the first day of classes, well, i only was able to get as far as setting up my room and gathering my materials because i could not connect to our new wifi in the school and do any of the really important stuff i needed to do. do you not just love technology for that reason?

so, this is what i was able to accomplish, plus organizing my materials.


and now it has been two weeks since school has started, and i had completely forgotten what a september, and back-to-school, looks like. i was on maternity leave still last september, and the one before that i was pregnant, so i do not know what i did … hahaha. basically, i forgot how busy it is, and how much organizing and administrative stuff there is to do.

and, since i did not teach this term last year, and i had a new course to prep last year, i had not had a chance to review and revamp my materials for the units i plan to cover. so, i have been working a lot over the past couple weeks on my days off when baby bird is napping, or in the evening, to go over my materials and give them some “new-love” for my honours kids.

plus, it is always a struggling to get back into a routine again after the summer. and, even more so with children. i know all parents can agree with this, but it is even more difficult i think with young children.

so, this is my apology for not blogging for wayyyyyyy longer than i had anticipated, however i had to make sure my priorities were taken care of before i could do some of my passions (my family & my job). now i feel like i am back into the swing of things and ready to roll into my routine again.



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