what a day

wow. today has seriously kicked me in the rear.

my husband and i were woken up at midnight by our dog pacing, and eventually throwing up. repeat that sequence at just before 2 am. except multiply puking by five.

so, my day started at 2 am officially. the dog and i spent some quality time together outside in the yard and in the kitchen.

we visited the vet right at opening time and had some tests done and were sent home with antibiotics. results of blood work will not be in until tomorrow, so i have been trying to make the old girl comfortable as best i can.

i have attempted twice to feed her the oral antibiotics without luck as she has just yaked it back up both times. called the vet for some advice because it has now been over 24 hours since she ate, and she is weak.

so i tried a third time and so far she has kept it down. please work antibiotics as i cannot stand seeing my old girl in discomfort.

baby is down (almost, she is still yapping away in her crib) and this mom is heading to bed.



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