all is right in the world again


our dog, kali.

today our beloved furry family member came back home after five days at the vet. she is also relieved to be in the comfort of her home, snuggled into her dog bed, snoring quietly.

kali is an old dog, almost twelve and a half, and of course with old age comes health problems sometimes. she has developed gall stones, which are no fun, however they were not causing her the major issues she was having earlier this week.

essentially, she would not stop throwing up or having diarrhea for almost two and a half days, and after multiple tests, x-rays, etc. her symptoms were connecting to a bacteria infection proven through blood work, and possible poisoning, which we have no idea how that could have happened. with a young child in the house, we have barely any poisonous-type materials, etc. in the house, and if we do, it is locked away downstairs in the garage (where the dog never goes) or medicines are in the medicine cabinet out of reach to both dog and child.

nevertheless, our furry baby is home and resting after a stressful week. we thought we may have to say goodbye to our family member, but thankfully she is back home. owning an older dog comes with the territory of sickness and possible death, and we are prepared for that eventually, however we were taken by complete surprise this past week.

all is right in the world again.


she is a beach dog. loves to suntan, roll in the sand, and swim in the ocean.


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