grateful thanksgiving


i am sitting here reflecting after a busy thanksgiving long weekend, and there is so much to be grateful and thankful for. we have so much wonderful family and friends that we spent time with this weekend, celebrating family, birthdays, friendship and life.

this weekend was so action packed: a ninja friend gave birth to her precious little girl c, one of my best friends celebrated her little girl’s first birthday, we visited both great-grandma’s this weekend, ate three turkey dinners, enjoyed too much pumpkin pie, watched our cousin k play hockey, and visited with so much family.

poor baby bird has been up way past her bedtime for four nights in a row, she skipped her nap on saturday, and she was still the life of the party tonight. tomorrow i might pay for it, but she has such a great weekend visiting, it was hard to tear her away.

we are most thankful this month for our veterinarian’s persistence with our furry baby, and allowing her to spend one more thanksgiving with us. we thought it was going to be our time to say good bye to k, however thankfully she pulled through her illness, and has a new lease on life. she is energetic after a week of recovery, and ready to go out for walks to the park and play.

a lot of love was felt this weekend, and it’s a great way to revive one’s soul. happy thanksgiving friends.


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