phew … i made it


this year ended with a real bang. we had a flood due to our washing machine. thank goodness it was after christmas, as we did host my family for a brunch, however it still sucked royally. needless to say, i was ready for 2014 to begin.

these past couple months have been so busy that i have not even had time to blog, which has been disappointing for me. i have truly enjoyed blogging over the past year, however i just could not find the time at the end of the day. i could stay up for an extra half hour and blog and be tired the next day, or i was just so mentally-spent from the day that i did not have it in me to blog (or come up with something intellectual).

we are still in the middle of the “after-the-flood” clean up and repairs (actually they have not even began), but seeing the house almost bare is giving me a renewed sense of clean up and refresh that fits well with a new year. we have decided to spend some time doing some home improvements (despite the budget being extremely minimal). we want to make our house really work for us as our little girl grows.

not only have we been thinking about resolutions for our house, but i have been doing some soul-searching, goal-setting and resolution-thinking. this is what i have put together for resolutions thus far:

1. continue to be in the present. enjoy my time with my daughter and husband without worrying about what else needs to be done.
2. accomplish what i can in the time i have, and be okay with that.
3. continue working on my working mom balance (i have really been struggling with this one since school went back in september).
4. continue to cook with whole and natural ingredients and clean with natural, home-made ingredients.
5. take more time for myself to craft, read, blog, exercise, bake and spend time with friends.
6. remember to be a wife too, not just a mom. i want to reconnect with my husband, and spend more time talking about anything (except our daughter, the house, finances, etc.).

my list is still in the works, but those are the main ones i have been thinking about lately. i wish you all a happy new year, and here is to your health and family. cheers!


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