one of my goals this year was to continue blogging and blogging regularly. well, it is now march and i have barely blogged this year yet.

january hit and my husband was back in school, and single parenting commenced. his program is very intensive for ten weeks, therefore he devotes all his non-classroom time to studying and homework. now, i am not complaining. i get it. i was in university for five years.

all my “free” time has either been spent marking, prepping and answering so many work emails. plus, focusing on my extra-curricular philanthropy club (pkss) or just taking a break and reading so i could de-stress and relax a little. now, do not get me wrong, blogging is relaxing for me, but is if i had to look at a computer screen for another minute after finishing all my school stuff … well, my eyes were going buggy.

i have been in survival mode since january. my husband’s employment insurance took seven weeks to kick in, so grocery shopping was just going to the store and buying groceries. it was going to store and price checking every bloody item to make sure i was getting the most out of my money so that we could make sure our mortgage and all the other bills we have could get paid at the same time.

it is friday night and i am sitting on the couch relaxing, having a much deserved glass of red wine, and relishing in the fact that he has one week left. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. not only am i excited to have my husband back, but baby bird, who does not understand why daddy cannot play, will be so happy when daddy is back!


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