mom. wife. sister. daughter. auntie. ninja. educator.

this is who i am in the most simplest terms. my name is sabrina, i live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with my husband of two and a half years, our thirteen month old daughter, and our eleven and a half year old Shih Tzu. here is the longer version. i am an english and physical education teacher in a secondary school, however now work part time so i can hang out with the coolest kid ever. oh, and the ninja part. well, my soccer team is called the ninjas. and we rock. i love my ninja sisters.

i am the youngest and only female sibling of four. we grew up in a loving home with the world’s greatest parents (i cannot even try to compete with them for that title), four doors away from our energetic grandma. i love my three older brothers, and their wives, so incredibly much. i am blessed with a truly fabulous family who have grown closer as we age gracefully. and i am the proud auntie of a niece and nephew, who demonstrate daily the amazing role children play in our lives. on november 30, 2011, i was able to witness this personally. our daughter (baby bird) was born and our life as couple transformed to family.

i met my husband back in 2005 after a tumultuous and difficult couple of years following the death of my mom. we met on an internet dating site, and from the first date, we were both hooked. he made me laugh and feel truly happy again. we bought our first house in 2007, and learned what life living together was all about. my love and devotion for this man grew immensely, and sparked me to ask him for his hand in marriage in 2008 since we had talked about it, and he was taking his time to ask.

he said not yet. but do not fret, he only said this because he is that traditional-kind-of-guy and wanted to do what he considered “the proper way”. he went to my dad to ask permission and planned out the proposal behind my back. on my birthday in 2009 he got down on one knee and proposed. my response: “are you kidding me?” we married in 2010.

we welcomed our daughter in 2011, and do not even remember life before baby. i love my new role as mommy, and feel i have grown as a person because of this adorable little girl. and, my love for my husband has grown deeper as i watch him play with our baby girl. life is fantastic.

the bird family.


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