oh $%&*, we lost quacks!

baby bird attached herself to quacks at eight months of age. i did not think that a baby could be that attached to an object, but he has been her go-to for quite some time. he travels with us regularly to the grocery store, library, play dates, you name it. he even accompanied us to […]

adjusting for allergies

our little neighbour c has just been tested by a naturopath for allergies because he was struggling with eating and skin issues. it turns out that he is allergic to eggs and all dairy. this caused some stress in his mommy’s life because she is an avid baker and cook, and now she was going […]

june already?

okay, i must be in a time machine! how did we get to june already? time is going by so quickly! and, if it is already june that means my baby is 18 months old! ahhhhhh! time is going really too quick, but i am loving each new day and each new adventure with baby […]

half glass empty

i hit a low this week. and my thinking on the glass half full or empty turned to it being almost completely empty. i have always thought of the glass being half full, and when i found the image above, it made me smile and remember there is no where to go but up from […]

early early wake up

baby bird decided that she wanted to hang out reallllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy early this morning. normally i do not mind so much, however i did not have the best sleep last night.   i have been exhausted the past couple weeks. I worked an extra day or two each week, and baby bird went through a growth […]