one of my goals this year was to continue blogging and blogging regularly. well, it is now march and i have barely blogged this year yet. january hit and my husband was back in school, and single parenting commenced. his program is very intensive for ten weeks, therefore he devotes all his non-classroom time to […]

what a day

wow. today has seriously kicked me in the rear. my husband and i were woken up at midnight by our dog pacing, and eventually throwing up. repeat that sequence at just before 2 am. except multiply puking by five. so, my day started at 2 am officially. the dog and i spent some quality time […]

homemade all-purpose cleaner

i am slowly switching all my cleaners, detergents, etc. to homemade ones. my neighbour and i have collaborated on this endeavour, and we have made liquid laundry detergent (previously posted), all-purpose cleaner and dishwasher detergent (i will post this recipe too, but i cannot find it in my folder of recipes, therefore it must be […]

oh $%&*, we lost quacks!

baby bird attached herself to quacks at eight months of age. i did not think that a baby could be that attached to an object, but he has been her go-to for quite some time. he travels with us regularly to the grocery store, library, play dates, you name it. he even accompanied us to […]

new year. new adventures.

2013: this year sparks a new beginning for our family. 2011 ended with the birth of our daughter. 2012 was an incredible journey watching our baby bird grow and learn, and our sense of family build stronger, especially after opa bird’s health scare. daddy bird started a new journey and baby bird and i could […]